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iLAB is renowned for professional photographic printing from 4x6 up to 24x36 inches using high quality chromogenic printing (C type wet process) wet process photo paper.

Recommended Image Settings:

iLAB supports both sRGB and Adobe RGB files, For C-Prints sRGB colour space is enough. This is a profile set in your camera. Please read your camera users guide. Most point and shoot, bridge, DSLRs and mobile phones are set at sRGB by default, which is widely compatible with most computers, tablets and smartphone screens.

Prints may not match 100% due to age and different monitor screen settings. However, we try to correct colour/brightness of images to give you the best possible output.

For advanced users and professional output, monitor calibration is highly recommended so prints will match better with what you see on your screen. The recommended monitor calibration settings are set at Gamma 2.2, Colour Temperature 6500K. Monitor calibrators are available from ILAB. If a picture is sent without a profile the lab will embed a suitable profile. Feel free to contact us should you require more information.

For normal conventional C-Type prints we suggests using SRGB colour profile.‍

File Resolution - 300 dpi.

File format - JPEG files with a quality compression marked 10 or higher.

All photos ordered from this section are printed on high quality C-Type Papers. Go ahead upload your photos , select the size and quantity of the prints required and let us do the rest.

Prints will be ready from 1 to 2 working days (Monday to Friday) for collection. Delivery may take an extra day.

If in doubt you can always call us on 27447701 for assistance or send an email to

If you need any sizes not found on our website please contact us on

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